This is our doomsday war

This is our doomsday war
“- In Gostomel, the special forces of the Main Intelligence Directorate and the 3rd Regiment of the MTR, together with the local Troops, polished Russian special forces and paratroopers there for two days in a row.
I think many have seen shots of broken equipment with the bodies of temporary occupiers attached to them.
The Nikolaevites recaptured the Kulbakino airport and beat off the convoy that had been trying to bypass the city since morning. Moreover, the patrol police of Nikolaev actively participates in combined arms battles (and wins!)
In Peremoga, Brovarsky district, the 15th separate motorized rifle brigade from Samara was covered from the air.
By the way, there, in the Nezhinsky direction, three days ago, the Russian command began to form a huge operational formation for an attack on Brovary — Boryspil.
Now this association is gone.
Partially went under Kharkov, where the troops of the invaders suffered huge losses, partly entangled in local gullies, partly destroyed.
There are still Russian troops in Kherson. The connection has been restored. The show with “…grateful Kherson residents” failed.
Zaporozhye NPP is operating normally.
And the Russian army got entangled (and partially destroyed) in the Brovary swamps because the locals are waging this very total war — blocking forest roads, slowing down, or even making it impossible for several hours, the movement of enemy columns.
And there our artillery and aviation are already catching up.
We hold the sky (today there are several downed Russian planes), our aviation is working.
We cover the enemy command posts — today even the Russian press admitted the death of two senior commanders — including the commander of the 810 Marine Brigade of the Black Sea Fleet, which helped Yanukovych escape and seized Crimea.
How to say, the death of a regiment is a tragedy, the death of a colonel is a rout.
To the number of these colonels and generals, you can safely add zero and multiply by two. And even three — judging by the number of command posts destroyed by us.
Yes, it’s hard for Kharkov, Mariupol, Akhtyrka.
But over the bypassed and semi-encircled enemy Chernigov, Russian planes are shot down, they go on dashing raids and collect prisoners near Sumy, like a huge meat grinder, the semi-encircled Kharkiv region grinds the enemy.
What is surprising and needs clarification?
For many Ukrainians, the fact that we have not yet lost is heroic, but a miracle.
Some still have the mood:
- our successes are a temporary luck. You need to take the winnings and negotiate with Putin.))
All this was determined on the first day. All this has been calculated and thought out by the military leadership and is being brilliantly implemented by the army.
I know the opinion of many military men in the world.
They are shocked by the level demonstrated by the Ukrainian army and its leadership.
Today this was officially recognized by the ministries of defense of the United States, Britain, the head of NATO.
Do you know that the first strike of enemy cruise missiles hit mock-ups in many places?..)
Both fire bags and endless kill boxes into which our military drag enemy troops are all a sober and cold-blooded calculation, which, with the methodicalness of a rotary excavator, implements the leadership and personnel of our army.
We were given 48 hours — the best military in the world.
On the tenth day, Ukrainian aviation, which was given three hours, smashes the enemy from the sky.
Our success is a pattern. Specifically built and clearly implemented cause-and-effect relationships.
The combination of the highest level of the armed forces and popular resistance will grind the Russian war machine here.
The Russian army is not strong. It’s just long.)
Eight out of ten Putin’s armies are here.
This is where we will bury them.
It takes time.
But this will not be an accidental success.
This is the result of our common work with you. All of us.
And precisely because of this systematic work, because we think with our heads and work with our hands, the enemy will lose.
Even now, when the Kremlin still has time to pout and brag, it openly admits that it is impossible to occupy Ukraine and are not going to.
We’ll drive them back.
All our homes and cities will return to us.
This is our doomsday war.
It is our Motherland that is throwing off the seven-hundred-year-old fetters of the Horde, an ugly historical distortion of the old idea of ​​Russia.
Hundreds of years of heavy curse.
The price won’t be easy.
But victory will change everything. The whole fate of Europe and the world.
Therefore, the pattern of our victory is also historical.
Behind us is the truth of the Kiev princes of Ancient Russia.
Behind us — Svyatoslav, Vladimir, Bogdan.
We have already outplayed the Kruty, this time the elite Moscow units were scattered under them.
The 14th brigade (the former 51st, shot by Bezler and in Ilovaisk) is now wedged into the center of the battle formations of the Russian troops — chopping, chopping, chopping, from the shoulder.
We will replay all this confusion that has been brought on us for centuries.
Everything is natural. It’s no coincidence.
We are lucky to be the generation that will right the wrongs of thousands of years.
Which will open the doors to a new world.
Personally, I am deeply satisfied.)
Let’s put an end to the history of Muscovy.
Let’s raise the true Ukraine.”
(Alexey Arestovich)




ORM (Управление онлайн репутацией), OSINT (Разведка на основе открытых источников информации, PR, Digital Marketing, SERM. Управление информацией.

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Evgeniy Vasylenko

Evgeniy Vasylenko

ORM (Управление онлайн репутацией), OSINT (Разведка на основе открытых источников информации, PR, Digital Marketing, SERM. Управление информацией.

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